RebrandING YOur Life

   30 Days of Journaling to Ignite Self- Rediscovery  


June 1 - June 30, 2018


Rebranding Your Life: 30 Days of Journaling to Ignite Self-Rediscovery

The rebirth of healing is through creativity. Creativity in its first form is VISION. Vision takes it first step by being written on paper. Pen to paper allows the flow of that creativity to make sense to you and bring clarity. Writing these words that bring first steps to your vision is perfect when you JOURNAL.

Journaling is a form of self-healing. There is no substitute for putting pen to paper and writing in a private space where you know you can be yourself. Journaling is a no judgement zone. You can write and express whatever emotion you are feeling at the moment; raw emotion. As you write, you are able to process your thoughts. It allows you to have that 'me' quiet time. As you journal and healing begins, you discover new things about yourself and the world around you and you begin to RECLAIM and REBRAND your life.

I've always been an avid reader and I wrote all my academic papers well. But I was not fond of journaling. I was always afraid of someone discovering my journal. However, during my marriage, I started writing for several reasons. To maintain my sanity, to speak with God without saying what I felt out loud, to stop myself from making crazy decisions as the writing helped me to rationalize and calm down and also to record incidences that occurred in my life.

Over the years I'd go back and read what I wrote months and even years prior. I would be shocked when I could tell that what I was writing with so much clarity and also how things had happened just as I'd written the words. The words in my journals are also growth measuring sticks for me.

Journaling is one of the most powerful way to connect with your inner self. But not everyone knows where to start.

In this 30-day course, I am here to lead you through disciplining yourself to commit to journaling and taking time each day for yourself to connect within. Throughout the course we'll focus on different areas of our lives, placing a microscope on our past experiences so that we can stand on our truth and build the lives we want for our future.

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” Rumi

When was the last time you peeled back the layers and looked at you?

Take a few minutes for yourself, find a quiet place and honestly answer the questions on the downloadable SELF-DISCOVERY QUESTIONNAIRE

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Journaling connects you with your inner you.


The rebirth of healing is through creativity

Who This Course is For

Does your journal need a jump start?

Don’t know where to start in rebranding your life?

Feeling stuck with taking the first steps  or stuck in the middle to rebranding your life and writing those steps down?

Frustrated with how you want life to feel and look like but can’t seem to figure out how to bridge that gap?


This course is everything you need to get you unstuck and started on your journaling through Rebranding Your Life.

Rebranding Your Life: 30 Days of Journaling to Ignite Self-Rediscovery Class is designed to help you get unstuck and start developing a habit of journal writing as you strive to rebrand your life. You’ll be taking this journey with a supportive community of other women journaling to rebrand their lives.


This moderated self-study course includes 30 days of journal writing methods, inspirational quotes and writing prompts, as well as ways for making writing a daily habit, and get more out of your journaling — past, present, and future.

In This Course I Will Show You How to:

  • Make journaling a  consistent, regular practice.

  • Use your journal for personal growth as you stand on your truth

  •  Change your perspectives of your life events; see how they fit into your life's journey

  • Write honestly and fearlessly around your situations

  • Use your writing to help heal emotional wounds

  • Increase motivation to rebrand your life

  • Why rebranding your life matters

  • Reconnect and bring clarity to your passion

  • Discover your authentic self and give her a voice

Course Includes:

  • 30 days of 30 lessons on how to change your habits and attitudes

  • Clarity on how to take steps to rebranding your life starting with journaling.

  • 4 weekly live video-conference classes on Tuesdays @ 9:00 pm

  • 2 Bonus facebook lives with Q & A

  • Rebranding 'Notes to Self' Journal

  • Group connecting and support in our private Facebook page

  • Guest speakers that share their journaling journey

  • An ebook of the entire course for you to download and keep forever

  • Real-time sharing and examples from my personal daily journal entries

  • Lifetime access

 (a $3750 value)

 $150 in full  or  3 payments of $60