MariBelle Vané Beauty

Founder Darlene Higgs Hollis, a former Research & Development Chemist and Biologist, stepped away to go on an unexpected journey through other career fields to find herself becoming a Master Life and Business Coach who teaches women to rebrand their lives as she has walked the journey of rebranding her own; mind, body, spirit and gifts. Her desire to see women rebrand every area to live their best lives has revived her passion for Cosmetic Chemistry to create products that help women develop healthy habits while they celebrate their beauty.


As the youngest of twelve children, Darlene's foundation of beauty was built from the teachings of her mother and her 6 sisters. MariBelle Vané was named in honor of her three sisters — Marion, Isabelle & Vanessa - who gained their heavenly wings.


VANESSA: 'Nessa, as she was affectionately called, gained her wings at age 15, a few days before my 10th birthday. She had the pinkest lips that would have never needed lipstick, and the gentlest nature. She was always smiling, but she would fight anybody for her little sister, hence someone in my hometown losing some hair because she'd pushed me down at school earlier that day. We lived across the street from the school, so she waited until this student was passing our house and some kinda way, that student ended up with less hair in her head that afternoon.

ISABELLE: Belle was the oldest of the Higgs Clan. Her being the oldest and me being the baby, we never really got a chance to hang together. So when her shy little sister was bold enough to compete in the Miss Inagua Bahamas Pageant, she flew from Freeport to Inagua to be with me. She pampered me and refused to let anybody do my hair or makeup. That was the first time I'd really worn full makeup and extensions in my already long hair. That created a new bond between us. She was so proud when I won that night.

MARION: Marion, my Marion, is the sister that I grew up with the most. We lived in Inagua together and grew even closer as we both lived in the USA. We would talk about our lives' plans as we took those long drives between Florida and Georgia. Both being track athletes brought us even closer; us rushing to get off the road and to a TV and screaming as we watched the Bahamas win that Olympic 4x100 relay. We'd gang up on our sister, Liz, when she started fussing. She was there for most of my big moments. Shockingly, she passed away 29 days after my wedding. She'd never told us she was sick. Despite being sick with stage 4 cancer, she'd helped me plan and stood as my Maid of Honor. She called me a few days before she passed away, promising me that she would enroll in college too. I had no idea that would be her last time; that she was making her goodbye calls. We had big goals to do business (she allowed me to work with her in her business ventures). I see her in my oldest; those mannerisms and those expressions!

I come from a long line of Women Entrepreneurs. From my mother who owned one of the stores in my island, to the aunts and the sisters, who all own businesses. Mummy, thank you for teaching your girls about beauty, fashion, values, entrepreneurship and to stay focused even when others count you out.

To my remaining sisters, Beatrice (who taught me about men and not letting them take advantage of me), Isula (who taught me my ABC's, who was my mom until she left home, becoming my mom again while in high school in Nassau, who made me wear makeup and taught me about fashion) and Liz (who taught me how to stand up for myself),  thank you for being my examples and inspiration.